Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A mind is a terrible thing to waste
Lovely, the son of Bernie and Sylvia Lovely of Lexington, holds a bachelor's degree from Centre College, a master's degree from the UK Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce, and his juris doctor from UK College of Law.

Lovely will use his Fulbright funding to work toward a Master of Laws degree in polar law at the University of Akureyri in Akureyri, Iceland. Polar law is a developing area of law based on changes taking place at the poles, primarily due to climate change. Lovely is pursuing polar law because of his interest in energy, security, environment, human rights and trade ramifications related to climate change.

Upon completing a degree in polar law, Lovely hopes to be a professor of chemistry.
Louisville Zoo teens win international polar bear [fraud] contest
“I can’t imagine a world without polar bears,” Goldstein said. “These magnificent animals exemplify the awesome beauty of the Arctic. Yet polar bears and their ecosystem are on the brink of destruction and extinction, threatened by our abuse and neglect. The mighty, magnificent polar bear has become a symbol of hope for a change in our global policies, in our need to fix the damage the human race has caused.” Blog: Gas-Guzzling Google
Web providers must limit internet's carbon footprint, say experts
When an executive from a multi-national corporation starts pulling the mea culpa routine vis-à-vis global warming, that already tells you that the issue is a lie.
Conservatives should just say ‘no’ to GOP’s ‘New America’
Speaking of McCain, let’s not forget that he was one of the early Republican proponents of global warming alarmism. Remember McCain-Lieberman? McCain thinks that the worst that can happen by going green is that we’ll leave future generations a cleaner planet. Sorry, John, if the greens run the world, we’ll all be poorer and the planet will be dirtier.

I almost lost my dinner at the March National Republican Congressional Committee soiree when keynote speaker Jindal spoke rapturously of reaching the nirvana of green energy or some such nonsense. It’s not surprising that Jindal and the NCNA members don’t know what they’re talking about — none have ever been leaders on energy issues.

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