Wednesday, May 06, 2009

See that cracked mud? That's bad, that's not natural, it's your fault, and therefore, you owe us big money

Climate Change [Fraud] in Pictures - Green Inc. Blog -
[Climate fraudster] Gavin Schmidt, a NASA climatologist, has in many ways become the news media’s conscience on climate science, exposing exaggeration and opinion in climate coverage on the blog he founded,

In a recently published book, “Climate Change: Picturing the Science,” Mr. Schmidt and his co-author, the photographer Joshua Wolfe, attempt to tell the story of global warming with the same no-nonsense approach — albeit this time with photographs.
...You can have an article now that’s talking about the cap-and-trade bill going through Congress, or the latest science, without a bunch of quotes by a contrarian who says, “Oh no, carbon dioxide isn’t a greenhouse gas,” or something like that.

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