Friday, June 26, 2009

From Al Gore: Massively underestimating the cost of being suckered by his climate fraud

Al's Journal : More Green Jobs Data
We now know that the legislation to repower America will cost less [than] $175 per family [per year?].
WikiAnswers - How many households are in the US
2007 estimate: 111,162,259
Note that 111 million households paying $175 annually would give government energy geniuses only about $20 billion annually to redistribute.

Al Gore's Curiously Cost-Free Plan to Re-Power America : Calculating the costs of 100 percent renewable carbon-free energy in ten years. - Reason Magazine
As a very rough low estimate, Gore's 10-year no-carbon energy plan would cost about $300 billion per year for the next ten years.
`Smart grid' alone could cost $1 trillion, or 50 years of Gore's $175 annual per-family climate swindle
Overall transmission modernization, including new higher capacity lines along with the communications technology, could cost as much as $1 trillion, according to some estimates.

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