Thursday, June 25, 2009

From Senator Steve Fielding's blog: Assessment of Penny Wong’s Response to My 3 Questions on Climate Change
Any move by Australia to act before the big polluters and economies would be committing economic suicide.

Thousand of Australian jobs could be lost, electricity prices could sky rocket. All for nothing if the big economies do nothing.

For a full run down and assessment on Climate Change Minister Penny Wong’s answer to my questions click here.
Will Congress Read Bills Before Voting? - Political Hotsheet - CBS News
"The fastest speed-readers and the most intelligent minds can't make informed decisions with that much time. How can Congress?" Sunlight Foundation Engagement Director Jake Brewer said today in a statement. "The problem here is the bill wasn't developed in the open in a committee, so no one -- including those members of Congress not on the Energy Committee -- knows how this latest version was created."
Washington, D.C. (June 25, 2009) -- The Waxman-Markey climate bill is "an immoral assault on poor Americans" because it is designed to purposely raise the cost of energy in order to force the working poor to reduce their standard of living, according to one of the nation's leading civil rights champions.

Roy Innis, Chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality -- one of America's oldest civil rights organizations -- made the allegation in a letter to all members of Congress on Wednesday.
Sun spot cycle impacting global warming and cooling
NASA's own new study acknowledges that solar variation has caused climate change in the past. I don’t know any scientists who disagree with that fact. And even the study's members, mostly ardent supports of AGW theory, acknowledge that the sun may play a significant role in future climate changes. Peer reviewed papers are necessary since it allows the two sides to debate the science and not the politics. Both sides claim flaws in the others methods and/or data. This ongoing process is healthy, as I doubt either side has all the answers. As I said in my global warming position paper a few years ago, we may not have to wait more than 10-15 years for indications of which side is right, the AGW side or the sun and ocean side. Both have made predictions, time will tell. [Kirk Melhuish is Chief Meteorologist for News Talk 750 WSB Radio in Atlanta, Georgia, and is a consulting meteorologist for private clients in government, business and agriculture.]

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