Friday, June 19, 2009

Nathanael Greene: Will the biofuels industry hang itself in the climate bill?
Now the biofuels industry is pushing to gut both the biomass sourcing safeguards and requirement for full accounting of the GHG emissions from biofuels. This means that while we force American's to buy three and a half times more biofuels than they do today, we'll have no ability to protect our most sensitive forests or wildlife habitat and no ability to know if we're getting something that's actually better than gasoline or diesel. Basically the biofuels industry wants to put the market in overdrive, take the safety railings off and then blind EPA.
UN IPCC Scientist [Richard Courtney] Rejects Romm's Claims as 'nonsense on all counts...NASA's predictions of next solar cycle have all been wrong' | Climate Depot
Courtney's Guest Post: The Joe Romm of Climate Progress article is nonsense on all counts.

Firstly, it is plain wrong when it asserts:

"The deniers have been rooting for a Maunder Minimum to stifle global warming."

I know of nobody who has been "rooting" for cooling, but I know of several so-called "deniers" who assert that slight warming (as could be expected if the AGW-hypothesis is right) would provide net benefits.

Secondly, article shows a degree of confidence that cannot be justified when it says;

"The sunspot cycle is about to come out of its depression, if a newly discovered mechanism for predicting solar cycles — a migrating jet stream deep inside the sun — proves accurate."

NASA's predictions of the next solar cycle have all been wrong...
[Bravo,] Stephen Moore: Climate Change Is ‘Climate Improvement’
Last month, Moore proudly waved his denier credentials before an audience of conservatives in New Jersey, telling them to “roaring applause”:
I happen to believe that global warming is the biggest scam of the last two decades.

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