Saturday, June 27, 2009

Since Joe Q. Public doesn't believe in the global warming scam, how are you going to sell him a car that's a significant downgrade from his current one?

Electric car sharing in Baltimore | Donal's Blog
But, EV range claims always bear clarification. The Maya 300 can probably travel 120 miles at 30-40 mph under good road conditions. The staffer told us that driving at highway speeds would probably lower that range to 80 miles, and that ordinary recharging will take 6 hours. (He also mentioned they were still waiting for DOT approval to drive at higher speeds than NEVs.) Also, cold weather always reduces battery performance. There is also the issue of proper charging to maintain battery lifespan, which I suspect will cost early adopters a lot of money:
"The lifespan of a deep cycle battery will vary considerably with how it is used, how it is maintained and charged, temperature, and other factors. In extreme cases, it can vary to extremes - we have seen L-16's killed in less than a year by severe overcharging, ... We have seen gelled cells destroyed in one day when overcharged with a large automotive charger. We have seen golf cart batteries destroyed without ever being used in less than a year because they were left sitting in a hot garage without being charged."
Anyway, I signed a release and drove the Maya around the block. It was easy to start, the gearing was Forward - Neutral - Reverse, and it was very quiet - just a low whine on acceleration. But the very small tires made for bumpy handling over the ordinary manholes and irregularities of Key Highway. I'd be afraid to take the Maya across Pulaski Highway's terrible potholes, or at higher speeds on the beltway.

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