Monday, June 22, 2009

UK: Tod Hunnisett on global warming
The dominating factor of this season seems to be, in my observation and at the risk of being shot down by some meteorologist anorak, a huge reduction in overall accumulated temperature - so much for global warming. The net effect has been both beneficial and problematic.
...We've had plenty of rain in the south of England but much colder days (and even colder nights) than we soft southerners have become used to over the past few years.
Reason clouded by carbon obsession | The Australian
...Now, with complete abandon, a vociferous body of claimants is insisting that CO2 alone is the root of climatic evil.

I fear that many supporters of this view have become carried away by the euphoria of mass or dominant group psyche. Scientists are no more immune from being swayed by the pressure of collective enthusiasm than any other member of the human race. I do not believe for one moment that undisciplined burning of fossil fuels is harmless, but the most awful consequence of the burning of carboniferous fuels is not the release of CO2 but the large-scale injection ofminute particulate pollutants into the atmosphere.
Scientists, like all other people, need to remain open to competing views and avoid the danger of being locked into tunnel vision through group obsession, which is what global warming seems to have become.

Peter Schwerdtfeger is emeritus professor of meteorology at Flinders University in Adelaide.

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