Saturday, June 13, 2009

YouTube - Sparks Discusses Cow Belching about Global Warming on Beck
Alabama Agricultural Commissioner Ron Sparks on Glenn Beck's Fox News on June 12
AD: How Newt Gingrich Sabotaged The “Gingrich Revolution” by Christopher Adamo , 6/13/09
Sadly, after successfully launching the “Gingrich Revolution” on similar premises in 1994, the one-time House Speaker has since embarked on a futile path of attempting to ingratiate himself to the Democrat opposition by watering down the conservatism that once had propelled him to the political forefront. Since leaving public office, his most notable “achievement” was a joint television appearance with Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, attempting to raise awareness of “global warming.


Marka in the Keys said...

As a college professor, Newt's first priority should be protecting free speech and freedom of inquiry on campuses, where professors are intimidated/threatened to support agw. Newt went PC instead. This is egregious and unforgivable. It keeps surfacing on the internet and I, for one, haven't been able to return to his side. Thousands of scientists have risked their careers to sign a statement as skeptics.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Newt led a true revolution in 1994. And kudos for that. However, since 2005 or so he has been throwing the kitchen sink at the airwaves hoping for something to take off. It's kind of disgusting really. Newt now seems he will try almost anything to get attention again. Newt has basically become a politically correct Washington insider looking for popularity. His days are done in the humble opinion of this libertarian and conservative.