Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Daily Kos: It happened again.
Someplace attained a record cold temperature...
Now, the truth is, every one of these incidents is actually further confirmatory evidence for global warming.
Libs to reject ETS — for now
Less than a week after Malcolm Turnbull held out an olive branch to the Government on its emissions trading legislation, the shadow cabinet has decided to vote against it on August 13. This follows Labor ruling out negotiations unless the Opposition has specific amendments.
Backlash: Dangers mount for Democrats
The issue advantage has shifted as well, with Democrats facing the brunt of criticism about the pace of stimulus package spending, anxiety over rising unemployment rates and widespread uneasiness over the twin pillars of Obama's legislative agenda: his cap-and-trade approach to climate change and the emerging health care bill.
Beach Combers: Enviros Grade America’s Swimming Holes - Environmental Capital - WSJ
Of course, no environmental report would be complete without a plea to support the Waxman-Markey bill, congressional legislation that would curb greenhouse-gas emissions. Tackling climate change, the report says, will help prevent unusually high rainfalls which are the main contributor to sewage overflows and fouled beaches.

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