Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Discontent in Labor ranks about ETS: Fielding
A key crossbench senator claims there is discontent in Labor ranks about the Rudd Government's planned emissions trading scheme.

"There is no doubt there are senators in the Labor Party who have reservations," Family First's Steve Fielding said of the Government's carbon pollution reduction scheme.

His claim came as Prime Minister Kevin Rudd accused the Coalition of being a "divided rabble" over a pending Senate vote.
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@govchains To date I have yet to read any science that attributes past climate change to any carbon based organism on this earth.
Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog: A War on Science Policy?
Chris Mooney has a commentary up at The Huffington Post that is full of information that is just wrong. First, he gets budget figures wrong by a factor of about 50
Party in San Francisco tonight - [Learn about the evils of CO2 while enjoying drinks packed with CO2!]
Every glass of champagne plants a tree!
Learn how rock-stars and athletes fight global warming with Mokugift!
In the U.S. the legal definition of sparkling wine is one which contains 0.392 g of carbon dioxide per 100 mL of wine, the equivalent of about one atmosphere of gas. Most Champagnes contain about four atmospheres of carbon dioxide. The legal distinction is important because sparkling wine is taxed at about $3.70 per gallon while "still" wine is taxed at about $0.37 per gallon!

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