Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The trouble with Al Gore’s speech is that nobody’s ever died of global warming, World War II wasn’t a scam FDR cooked up to make money (although I wouldn’t put it past the S.O.B…) and the sun hasn’t bombed Pearl Harbor.
Tony Blair: 'I’m a planet-saving kinda guy' - Times Online
The silence from Tony Blair is so long it’s embarrassing. He has just spent 15 minutes enthusing about his new global report about how technology can help the world to combat climate change when the obvious question arose: what has he done to make his own life more sustainable?

Er . . . (long silence) . . . “We’ve got solar panels on our house.” Which one (he has a handful)? “The London one.”

Another long silence, then an aide mentions the offsets: “Ah yes, we offset our travel, too.” More silence: “And we have some home insulation.”

It is an awkward interlude. Blair is about to launch himself onto the world stage in yet another new role: as an evangelist for world-saving green technology.
Congressman Boucher: Emissions Law Will Create Jobs Without Burdening Taxpayers | TriCities
BRISTOL, Va. – Federal legislation to clean up emissions is expected to create jobs without imposing undue costs on consumers, U.S. Rep. Rick Boucher said today.
Speaking during a news briefing at Bristol Virginia City Hall, Boucher said the legislation – which is scheduled to be considered by a Senate committee this month – could boost the coal industry.
With apologies to Chris Horner, my advice if you ever meet Boucher: back away slowly and don't make eye contact.

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