Saturday, July 04, 2009

FROM OUR READERS: Energy tax - Opinion -
As citizens of this nation, we should all maintain adequate knowledge of what transpires within our government. In these difficult days, people should have focused their attention on the massive energy bill that was pushed through the House of Representatives in an absurdly rushed manner last month.

The president, leaders of his administration, the speaker and Democratic senators joined in a concerted high pressured effort to induce representatives to vote for this bill, which none of them had an opportunity to even read. Of course, citizens also had no access to the bill before it was jammed through this House.

The reason for this massive energy bill was allegedly to save the planet Earth from global warming due to man-made CO2 emissions from fossil fuel use. The Democratic Party religion! But why the insane rush? I think now we know. It appears this was all a fraud.
Government control of all energy and use? Just business as usual by the most corrupt government ever seen in this country.

Temple board milk cows to please rain gods : 04th jul09 ~ E-Pao! Headlines
Imphal, July 03 2009: Exactly one week after Manipur's King Leishemba Sanajaoba's rain invoking prayers to the Almighty, a group of devotees prayed for rains and milked the cows at the historic Shri Shri Govindajee Temple complex as per Manipuri faith to invoke the rain gods today.

Ruling MLA Elangbam Kunjeshwar, who is also Vice-Chairperson of Shri Shri Govindajee Temple Board Manipur, led today's rain invoking prayers cum milking of cows in the morning.

He told this reporter, "We perform this as per our belief in view of the drought like situation".

Since time immemorial, the traditional ritual of prayers to call rain used to be held under different nomenclatures from time to time.
Though the State authority claimed to have earmarked Rs 4.41 crore to tackle a possible drought, opposition firebrand O Joy of Manipur People's Party on the first day of ongoing state assembly session blasted the ruling Ibobi ministry for failure to include the burning global warming issue in the Governor's address which was discussed today.

"I'm not criticizing the government, but suggesting to do something for the global warming, "he said.

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