Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How Much Wrong Can Joe Romm Be? That Moon Hoax Again… « The Unbearable Nakedness of CLIMATE CHANGE
The “consensus” behavior in AGW is exacerbated further by so many AGWers living under the impression that they are saving the planet. Under those circumstances, the esprit de corps is understandably as strong as it can be (this explains the existence of anti-skeptic rants such as Romm’s).
USA chills: 1077 Lowest max temps and 856 Low temps for week ending Tue 21 July « Where’s my Global Warming Dude? By Global Freeze Global Warming False Alarm: The Bad Science Behind the United Nations' Assertion that Man-made CO2 Causes Global Warming: Ralph B. Alexander: Books
In a way, the book puts the layman on par with the expert because one needs only a rational mind to understand when certain conclusions cannot be drawn from a given set of premises. Nor does one need to be an expert to see how systematic bias in a measurement can affect its outcome and invalidate the conclusions which are based on it. These principles are the real beauty of the book because they are fundamental to Science and transcend individual expertise. They allow the layman to authoritatively tell the 'expert' when he's wrong and this book clearly lays out the mistakes and missteps that the IPCC has taken.

Great book. Easy read. Highly recommended.
Cold waters, brave souls - Ontario, CA
This summer’s wacky weather is keeping residents out of the area’s frigid waters.

“There’s hardly anyone here, most days,” said Michael Raiger, a lifeguard at Canatara Beach. “People just aren’t going in the water; and if they do, they’re not in there for long.”

Environment Canada pegged southern Lake Huron at a cool, 64 degrees, Tuesday. This time last year, the temperature was nearly 72 degrees.

“We stay out of the water, too, for the most part,” said Raiger, noting that veteran lifeguards are saying they’ve never seen anything like it. “It’s just so cold.”

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