Monday, July 20, 2009

India Says ‘Pass’ On The Green Kool-Aid | novatownhall blog
The Green movement is about control, not the environment. The data shows that the global temperature index is more a function of solar and volcanic activity than human enterprise. But why let data get in the way of a good ideal? Al Gore is the high priest of carbon credits. He owns the company. He will make a mint. GE- they bring good things to life - is heavily invested in green energy. They also control NBC. Control and greed. These are two of the real drivers behind the enviro-whacko movement. The useful idiots are just window dressing.
New South Wales: Tales from the Grave
Walking around an old graveyard might seem a macabre thing to do but it can be a fascinating experience....a window into the past. Now there's a world wide project encouraging people to visit their local cemeteries to give us a window into the future...and it's all tied up with climate change.
Making Ripples: Activists take advantage of sincere environmentalists
The "Carbon Dioxide as Pollutant" scam by the Global Warming Climate Change folks is being rebranded as Project 350 which is a stellar example of reliance on cargo cult science.
The Green Quote: Stephen Colbert On Green Marketing // :: the latest in green gossip
Stephen Colbert”I believe in climate change for a very important reason: so I can market the new Colbert Report Green. It’s just like regular Colbert Report, except we reduce emissions by jumping on the bandwagon.”

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