Wednesday, July 08, 2009

iowahawk: Fans Flock to Mourn California, 1849-2009
"California used to be so happy and beautiful," said a horrified Ohio. "I hardly recognize it any more."

During that period, camp insiders say the increasingly psychotic state began driving away its long time professional management team and support crew. In its place, it assembled an entourage of con men and embezzlers, some of whom stoked California's increasingly bizarre environmental paranoia. It was seldom seen in public without a breathing mask to ward off imagined pollutants.
Climate schizophrenia erupts at G-8 summit | CEJournal
We all know that political leaders don’t like to walk away from a meeting seeming to have accomplished absolutely nothing, so the tried and true solution of diplomatic schizophrenia seems to be the order of the day: We all agree not to warm the planet more than 2 degrees, but we can’t commit yet to doing anything that would actually help us achieve that goal.
Investor's Business Daily -- Not So Fast With Those Electric Cars
Alternative Energy: A government report says reliance on electric cars will do little to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and may merely shift our dependence on foreign sources from one set of dictators to another.
Hot Air » Blog Archive » AP: Hey, Obama may not have been honest about taxes after all
It gets better. AP reporter Stephen Ohlemacher notes that the cap-and-trade bill amounts to a tax on American families, although he uses the bogus $175 per year estimate from the CBO that only includes the cost of implementing and maintaining the system. It doesn’t count the cost increases of energy not just on the homes themselves, but on every step of the distribution chain for goods and services, which will create a significant jump in prices, which is also a sharply regressive burden as it will hit hardest those with less disposable income.

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