Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Life or death struggle in the Senate | [snapshot of poll results]
Waxman-Markey will be

* Obama's first major legislative failure and die in Senate. (32%)
* watered down to please rural states and then passed. (25%)
* ineffective, even if it does become law. (23%)
* a narrow triumph for its pronents and then change the U.S. economy dramatically (14%)
* debated but no final action this year. (7%)

Total Votes: 88
Obama’s Solar Panels Won’t Pay for Themselves | Just Politics..?
A 2008 article in the Denver Business Journal sheds further light on the subject. The article notes the total price of the solar array was $720,000. And Dave Noel, VP of operations and chief technology officer for the Museum, was quoted as saying, “We looked at first installing [the solar array] ourselves, and without any of the incentive programs, it was a 110-year payout.” Noel went on to say that the Museum did not purchase the solar array because it did not “make sense financially.”
What’s the best part of this story?
Additionally, most solar panels have an expected life-span of 20 to 25 years.
So Much for 'Energy Independence' - WSJ.com
Whenever you read about ethanol, remember these numbers: 98 and 190.

They offer an essential insight into U.S. energy politics and the debate over cap-and-trade legislation that recently passed the House. Here is what the numbers mean: The U.S. gets about 98 times as much energy from natural gas and oil as it does from ethanol and biofuels. And measured on a per-unit-of-energy basis, Congress lavishes ethanol and biofuels with subsidies that are 190 times as large as those given to oil and gas.

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