Monday, July 20, 2009

No Bill Left Behind: Here Comes the Clean-Energy Push - Environmental Capital - WSJ
In other words, just because Congress has its hands full with really contentious legislation, don’t expect the buzz around the merely controversial legislation to fade away.
Rep. Ed Markey: Landing a Clean Energy Victory
The clean energy race is the space race of our time. Yet so much more is at stake.

Just as we rocketed past the bounds of gravity, we must bring soaring temperatures from global warming back to normal. Scientists say global warming is a man-made problem; clean energy will be the American-made solution.

The Waxman-Markey bill addresses the technological imperative to lead on clean energy, the economic imperative to compete in a global race, and the moral imperative to protect our planet. Waxman-Markey has the ambition of the moon landing, the moral imperative of the Civil Rights Act, and the scope of the Clean Air Act, all wrapped up in one.
Greenie Prince Charles worries government | The Australian
SENIOR British government figures have revealed serious concerns about Prince Charles's "misguided" green philosophy, which advocates dramatic changes in lifestyle and attitudes as the key to saving the world.

One senior Whitehall source rejected Charles's green vision as "fatuous"; others were equally dismissive.

The rift shows just how politically charged the environmental issues on which Charles has campaigned for decades have now become.
Marginalized Action Dinosaur » The models must match the IPCC selection criteria if they want on the gravy train.
In other words, if the model doesn’t prove the warmies right, the model is wrong. This is similar to legislating the value of pi. When are they going to realize that they have become an oppressive orthodoxy? I guess they know it and don’t care.


tomcubbage said...

Right now the global mean temperature is several degrees cooler than in the warmest periods in the Bronze Age, during Roman times, and in Medieval times. Ed Markey needs to do his homework. We are really several degrees cooler than we need to be for a time of good global health and food productivity.

Robert of Ottawa said...

...we must bring soaring rhetoric from witless politicians back to normal