Friday, July 31, 2009

Now plastic waste is MORE alarming than that alleged problem that might end human civilization?

Laurie David: [Did we say carbon dioxide?  We meant plastic]
[Charles Moore] This insidious invasion of the biosphere by our plastic waste is in some ways more alarming for us humans than global warming. Our bodies have evolved to handle carbon dioxide, the nemesis of global warming, indeed, we exhale it with every breath.


Anonymous said...

Actually, this is a lucid thought from Mrs. David. While there is precious little evidence to support AGW, there are alarming amounts of plastic waste showing up in the ocean. Plastic waste is a real and serious problem and it is growing.

Please do not diminish this important issue by lumping it in with fantasies like CO2 forcing.

NoFreeWind said...

I have not fears regarding global warming, but I often find deflated balloons in remote mountain forests where I live in Pennsylvania.

Anonymous said...

Plastic is as natural as granola and nuclear waste. Crude oil oozes from the ground and ocean floors everyday in huge quantities. Humans are natural and belong here. We haven't collected exotic extraterrestrial poisons and unleashed them on the earth. Extinction, even mass extinctions are natural and healthy for evolution. It just sucks to be the one going extinct. Our turn will come soon enough. So lighten up out there. Brian Carter

Anonymous said...

arguments aside: it is simple common sense to clean up after ourselves, without the threat of the boogey man. Eath Day goals of clean air and clean water and clean up are simple and good sense. The rest of the alarmist views that stem from their need for a "church" of science are stupid.

Stuart said...

I know I should'nt say this, but I get really embarrassed when the church is duped by this man-made global warming nonsense. This is a UK church news example just out:-

British church leaders have expressed support for a Climate Change Day of Prayer in October, preparing for the next United Nations climate change summit due to take place at the end of the year.

"I shall be joining Christians from many different churches on 4 October in praying that God's will be done during the decisive Copenhagen conference this December," said the Anglican Bishop of London, the Rt Rev Richard Chartres.

He added: "Prayer is powerful in dispelling the illusion that we are gods; an illusion which has wreaked such havoc on the earth."

Resources are now available on the Churches Together in Britain and Ireland website to help Christians organise local events on 4 October, or another nearby date that might be more suitable.

The Climate Change Day of Prayer will be the culmination of a 'Time for Creation' month of study by British and Irish churches on the theme of "Creation in Crisis - a time for prayer and action".

I won't bother with any get the drift!

Anonymous said...

I wonder will they amend the bible to suck Christians into climate change alarmism? The bible clearly states we should worship the creator NOT his creation! Can there be an open debate about this inside the church or are we going to hear "the debate is over" again?

Mike said...

A big issue with plastics is the bpa in it. When bpa containing plastics are heated we absorb more of these chemical. This chemical adds like synthetic estrogen and causes tons of health problems both short term and long term. Another issue is all these people using plastic bags. We need to stop using so many of these bags because most of them are not biodegradable.