Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sweaters in summer? Jackets in July? |  Park Rapids, Minnesota
When Hubbard County residents complain of a sudden influx of mice indoors, you know it’s cold.

Mice invasions are supposed to be a fall sport.

Jackets in July? A summer of sweaters? What gives with this unseasonably cold weather?

Unfortunately, it may stick around until August, said National Weather Service meteorologist Dan Riddle.
Saturday, three vendors sat in Pioneer Park on Main Avenue huddled under warm clothing and blankets. No other vendors chose to brave the cold.
Twitter / Don Blankenship
They call wind and solar “Green Energy” because it takes a lot of your green money to provide it.
Twitter / Don Blankenship
It takes 132k 400 ft high windmills to replace coal in U.S. That could change air currents & impact climate! Time for a gov’t study.
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@DonBlankenship climate change is irrefutable science; you and your ilk are the problem. stop destroying mountains and killing the planet. (via @thecitizen)
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