Monday, July 06, 2009

Washington's latest folly: cap and charade | | The Daily Journal
My congressman clings to the two-headed dragon of "end our dependence on foreign oil" and "clean energy alternatives," both noble goals to be sure, but both deeply rooted in the global warming theory of America as the destroyer of the earth's atmosphere. Regardless, both goals are hopelessly out of our reach, except for incremental changes, for generations to come, it seems to me.
The American Spectator : Lyle Duell : Climate Change Consensus? What Consensus?
President Barack Obama assures us that the debate is over, but the very fervor with which he speaks suggests his fear that even his own party may not long be willing to vote for legislation wrecking the economy in the name of fighting warming temperatures that aren't warming. For the alarmist case is not closing, but seems to be blowing wide open again.
'It would be nice to know the truth' - Fosters
In recent weeks I have seen a member letters to the editor about global warming or to be politically correct, climate change. After reading them, I was perplexed by what I read. So I decided to investigate myself.

I listened to Mr. Al Gore give his testimony before the Senate on C-span, I bought some books, and cruised the Internet.

First, let me say something about Mr. Al Gore. After reading a number of articles and books on the subject, I feel I can say with confidence that Mr. Gore needs to get his facts up to date. He is a far better politician than a weatherman. Only a politician could tell so many untruths with such conviction. He truly is amazing. I guess when you can make millions on convincing people to foot the bill for 40 businesses that are going to make you rich you can be quite convincing indeed. His reply when asked about a possible conflict of interest in his ownership in these businesses and his campaign against weather change: He answered the senator that questioned him, doesn't a man have the right to invest in a business in America? Let me answer Mr. Gore. Yes, a man has a rightly to invest in a business in America, but not a business that is being created by tax payers' money and not by one who's owner is a major lobbyist in D.C.

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