Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Centuries after humans allegedly started overheating the planet, there's still trouble in the Northwest Passage

Crew Log 66 - At Sea 60 02N, 105 11W
According to several reports, all three boats left a town called Resolute several days ago and all three are currently in extremely uncomfortable, if not outright dangerous, situations.

On a website maintained by a Fiona crewmember ... there is a photograph of the boat that very clearly illustrates their current predicament: They're hard aground, close to an icy shore, and heeled over to roughly 35 degrees. Apparently, they encountered ice and tied up to a floe that drifted ashore and into the shallows, taking the boat with it. Forsyth is clearly a fine sailor and the Westsail 42 is a stout, heavily built boat; we'd guess their current dilemma is a temporary one.

In a short update on the same site, we've learned that Bagan is also in a deep pickle, locked into a pack of 9/10 ice. A Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker is supposedly en route to the area, but for the moment that won't be of much help to Bagan, as even an icebreaker can't pierce such dense concentrations.

Reportedly, the German boat is also now stuck in impassable ice.
Resolute, Nunavut Forecast : [Not great ice-melting weather]
Friday Cloudy with 60 percent chance of showers. Low 0C(32F). High 0C(32F).
Saturday A mix of sun and cloud. Low -3C(26F). High 1C(34F).
Sunday A mix of sun and cloud. Low -2C(28F). High 2C(36F).
Monday A mix of sun and cloud. Low 1C(34F). High 6C(43F).

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