Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Climate Change [Hoax]: Senators Udall and McCain get an up close look at changes in Rocky Mountain National Park
Climate change will submerge some Eastern national parks under rising oceans, melt Glacier National Park's glaciers, kill Joshua Tree National Park's Joshua trees and dramatically change the face of Rocky Mountain National Park, said Stephen Saunders, president of the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization.

"We've never lost a national park before," but global warming could change that, he said.
Kenya: Govt to Pay Heavily for Failure to [Buy Into Climate Scam]
Kenya's failure to take action on climate change will result in losses running to trillions of shillings ranging from reduced arable land to deaths from hunger, a top climate scholar has warned.
The Reference Frame: The Chamber of Commerce wants a trial with AGW
Well, I surely don't think that theaters in the courts are the best way to make scientific progress - and the Scopes Trial is just another example that judges may be very wrong, too. But what I do think is that courts may be helpful if you have to deal with some organizations or people who don't behave honestly and who are ready to hurt others in their own attempts to benefit.
Jennifer Marohasy » Understanding Ice Sheets and Collapse
Abstract/Summary: Global warming alarmists have suggested that the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica may collapse, causing disastrous sea level rise. This idea is based on the concept of an ice sheet sliding down an inclined plane on a base lubricated by meltwater, whichis itself increasing because of global warming. In reality the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets occupy deep basins, and cannot slide down a plane.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sad that people are spouting such claims with no scientific basis, but only with the assumption that the media and some of the public willingly drinks the Kool Aid. A few more years of global cooling (which will be blamed on global warming) will hopefully reveal the huge hoax.