Saturday, August 29, 2009

Moby backs EU climate change [fraud] effort | Euronews 24
Moby said: 'For me climate change is the most pressing issue, because every other issue — of social justice, human rights, animal rights, economic uncertainty — all these issues are predicated upon the ability for human beings to go about living the way they have been living. And with climate change, if you are suddenly dealing with the middle part of the United States becoming a desert, and food prices becoming one hundred times what they are right now, if you are dealing with potentially a billion refugees, all other issues fall by the wayside. So in order for us to have the luxury to deal with other issues, we first have to deal with climate change, I believe.'
Ice children highlight melting glaciers
"The future prosperity of India and China is literally melting away," Yang Ailun added. "With only 100 days to go before the Copenhagen Climate Summit, leaders around the world must take personal responsibility for averting climate chaos and stop the greatest threat to all of humanity."
The Storm of the Century (so far) « Climate Progress
Coastal dwellers from Houston to Miami are now playing Russian roulette with maybe two bullets in the gun chamber each year. In a couple of decades, it may be three bullets.
I Love CO2: Eco-Imperialism – every Environmentalist's Dream
This web of organizations over which Napier exercises influence means that Napier is responsible for the generation of climate alarmism, input into the IPCC reports, powerful secular and religious eco advocacy, directing of investments exceeding $55 trillion towards the Green agenda, monitoring of eco compliance, manipulating government fiscal policy towards green taxes, and control of the built environment towards the green agenda. Napier is an eco-imperialist, and for him and his cronies it’s all about total social control for the green agenda – controlling all bases: investment, building, land, religion, government, taxes, propaganda, advocacy, monitoring, climate science and data.

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