Sunday, August 30, 2009

Some global warming hoax promoters

Edwards calls global warming ‘great moral test’ - John Edwards News-
NEW ORLEANS - Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards on Saturday called reversing global warming a "great moral test" and said the next president needs to stand up to industries resisting change.
Rod Blagojevich
Global warming is a threat to our environment and our economy. In Illinois, we are acting now to address global warming through policies that protect the environment while promoting investment and economic growth.
Eliot Spitzer
Global warming is one of the most serious environmental and economic threats of our generation. Failure to act is not an option.
Fidel Castro warns of global warming in new video
Former Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro has warned of global warming as he appeared on television for the first time since June 2008.
Is Osama bin Laden an environmentalist? | spiked
Now, according to his latest message, released over the weekend, he is a born-again anti-capitalist, more worried about corporations than communism, and more frightened by global warming than by irreligious regimes.
Gaddafi in the spotlight as he leads AU to climate forum
However, despite the American protests, the Gaddafi they will soon meet in Copenhagen for the Climate Change Forum will be a different Gaddafi from the one of the 1980s.
[Enron's Ken Lay promotes global warming scam]
Just as shrewdly, Enron saw the importance in silencing the scientists who didn’t accept the alarmism that had driven the Kyoto Protocol. In a 1998 letter, Enron CEO Ken Lay, among others, asked president Clinton to appoint a bi-partisan “Blue-Ribbon Commission” designed to pronounce on the science and, in effect, marginalize the skeptics.

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