Saturday, September 12, 2009

When the ice age ended, how did the polar bears feel? - Rupert Wright - The National Newspaper
Hopefully, soon, climate change advocates will think of something else to worry about. At the moment they remind me of the leader of the French tribe in the Asterix book: he was always worried about the sky falling on his head. It is time for Yoko Ono to get involved in climate change and then we can laugh about it and move on to weightier matters.
David Miliband [is still vigorously promoting the greatest scientific fraud of all time] - The National Newspaper
Climate change will result in mass migration, drought, and water shortages causing tension and conflict within and between nations. Global warming may not be on the UN Security Council Agenda now, but it will be in future if we do not wean ourselves off carbon....the EU has six major summits coming up between now and December with all the other big players. Climate change needs to be the centrepiece of those summits. And the EU thrives on big projects: peace and reconciliation after the Second World War, the single market, the euro and enlargement. The next big project for the EU – the environmental union – is to be the catalyst for a world beyond carbon.
Costs and benefits can’t be ignored in finding a solution - Bjorn Lomborg
Everybody wants to prevent global warming

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