Wednesday, September 09, 2009

World’s largest solar scam uses ‘low cost’ labor to produce ‘high cost’ electricity in Mongolia « Green Hell Blog
* The field will take up 25 square miles (16,000 acres), as compared to about 200 acres for two coal-fired plants.
Is this considered renewable because there seems to be an endless supply of green chicanery?
[Dennis McGinn: Through a long and tortuous chain of illogic, your cell phone charger is warming the cooling Earth and eventually causing terrorism]
The energy and climate debate is divisive, but it's possible for the government to devise a "clear, comprehensive, realistic and broadly bipartisan plan to address our role in the climate change crisis," declared the Partnership for a Secure America, a group that seeks a centrist, bipartisan approach to security and foreign policy.
Retired Vice Adm. Dennis McGinn said that global warming links economic, energy, climate and national security challenges.

Climate change threatens to drag the U.S. into conflicts in unstable regions over water, energy and other resources, McGinn said. It will create more frequent natural and humanitarian disasters, and as people around the world demand the essentials for life and unstable governments fail to cope, terrorists will gain room to operate, he said.
£1,666 for 20 mins' work - the life of our MP's exposed - East Anglian Daily Times
[Mr Yeo, the MP for Suffolk South] was the guest of Humana Europe at last year's Ryder Cup golf tournament in Kentucky USA, and in July he attended a climate change conference in Monte Carlo with his expenses being covered by Forum Invest which is registered in Bucharest, Romania.
How Van Jones Happened and What We Need to Do Next -
Even if Apollo is properly tainted by the Van Jones scandal, it's only the tip of the iceberg, as this chart shows. In fact most of the action has already moved to the Center for American Progress, the hyper-politicized think tank that's advancing most of the left's agenda, especially the push for green jobs and all of the policies from Van Jones's book.

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