Thursday, October 22, 2009

[Another politician speaks the truth]
But Nationals Senate leader Barnaby Joyce says the Australian scheme will be irrelevant to the temperature of the globe.

"They have said behind this is this feeling that if the ETS comes in, you'll save the Great Barrier Reef, there'll be no more droughts," he said.

"That's all just a load of rubbish. That is just a second hand vacuum cleaner salesman guilt trip that they're putting you on to try and get you to get behind the ETS, when really what it is, is just a massive tax grab."
Storm Drops Heavy Snow On Northeast Colorado -
DENVER (AP) ― Parts of northeast Colorado are covered in heavy snow from a storm moving through the state.

The National Weather Service says trained spotters reported 9.1 inches of snow Wednesday night in Arapahoe County and 4 inches in Fairplay.
Big finish: Deeds banks on Obama | Waynesboro News Virginian
RICHMOND — Democrat R. Creigh Deeds, trying to narrow a 8- to 9-percentage-point deficit in the Virginia governor’s race, is bringing in his biggest gun: President Barack Obama.
But Deeds’ Obama moment is not without a measure of awkwardness. He has distanced himself from marquee proposals Obama and a Democratic-ruled Congress support.

They include the “cap-and-trade” energy bill that was intended to reduce carbon gas emissions blamed for global warming by restricting use of fossil fuels, particularly coal.

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