Saturday, October 17, 2009

Brainless in Montana

UM offers new climate change program | | Great Falls Tribune
HELENA (AP) — The University of Montana is launching a new Climate Change Studies Program, to be headed by a former Nobel Peace Prize winner....
University of Montana forestry professor Steve Running, who shared in the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his work on the issue, said the issue will be bigger than the current health care debate.
“Where it gets completely wild is when you consider what kinds of things we can do to reduce carbon emissions,” Running said. “The technology doesn’t exist to do that now, without reducing our lifestyles to primitive levels.”

Running said people would have to make dramatic changes to their lifestyles to save their grandchildren.

“I haven’t seen a politician on a national forum actually admit what I just said,” he said.
October 15, '09: Rehberg asks for ag emergency
U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg, R.Mont, sent a letter to Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer Thursday requesting a declaration of emergency for counties and reservations adversely impacted by record-cold temperatures across the state.


IdahoGal said...

“The technology doesn’t exist to do that now, without reducing our lifestyles to primitive levels.”

You first, Steve.

Unknown said...

That seemed obvious to me some time ago. Seems as if that is their goal.

Politicians cost lives said...

Forget about average global temperatures. Forget about ice caps melting and Polar Bears floating across the Atlantic on ice cubes. Forget about rising sea levels, droughts, increased hurricanes, floods and on and on. Forget about sunspot cycles or El-Nino and La-Nina, or whatever the hell else has been thrown into the mix as a distraction because none of it matters, none of it is relevant . All we have to do is drill down and focus on one thing only.

That one thing is CO2.

It is claimed that humans are responsible for Climate Change because of our CO2 emissions and that we need to have limits imposed because we need to reduce our emissions of CO2.

So first simply ask yourself this:

Can CO2 trap in heat?

Answer: NO, nothing traps in heat, substances can only absorb and re-emit heat but they cannot trap heat.

Next question, does CO2 absorb heat more strongly than the other gasses in the atmosphere?

Answer: NO, CO2 is only 0.03811% of the atmosphere and remains as solid ice up to a temperature of 194.65 K

Nitrogen and Oxygen which make up 99% of the atmosphere on the other hand, begin to melt at temperatures as low as 50-60 K and so are much stronger absorbers of heat and at the same time, make up most of the atmospheric gasses.

This puts the effect of CO2 into context. CO2 cannot trap heat as no gasses in the atmosphere can. CO2 is a tiny proportion of the gasses in the atmosphere, so tiny in fact that compared to Oxygen and Nitrogen it is barely noticeable. The effect of such tiny amounts of CO2 being a much weaker absorber of heat than Nitrogen and Oxygen, also show that the warming effect of CO2 is insignificant.

So the final question is, are we responsible for Climate Change through our CO2 emissions?


Take that to Copenhagen!

If you would like to know more about the AGW fraud and carbon tax, download this free .pdf book

Russell C. said...

I'm wondering if Mr Running's bit will go viral across the Gore / IPCC follower blogosphere as cover for the word "denier" - that is to say AGW skeptics aren't akin to Holocaust deniers, a label that isn't exactly looking very favorable for Gore / IPCC followers, but rather the skeptics are merely on the first of five steps toward mending the error of their ways....

Ira said...

Gonna be hilarious watching the climate loonies explain how we can reduce our lifestyles to those levels and still have the tax money for Social Security and Medicare.

richardflorida said...

IRA misses the point; If we reduce our living standard back to 1880, everyone will die by age 55,
we won't need SS or Medicare!!