Monday, October 26, 2009

The “cold war” hits home – October in like a lion, out like a fridge « Watts Up With That?
It’s not looking good for the coming Halloween. Button up those trick or treaters. Fall, we hardly knew ya. Here’s a roundup of interesting cold weather events in the last week. Check out the forecast graphic at the bottom of this story.
Climate [Scam] rally held
A crowd of about 100 people braved brisk winds and steady rain to mark the International Day of Climate Action with a rally on Bridgewater’s Old Town Bridge October 24.
Mr. de Vreede led the rally as it marched across the bridge and raised a banner to signify the consequences of a seven metre rise in the waters of the LaHave River, something environmentalists believe could happen if world governments fail to take action to stop global warming.
The Migrant Mind: Eat Your Dog and Cat
It seems that the editors of the New Scientist think we should all live the lives of the typical Ethiopian. While I have never figured out how my moving into a hut helps the Ethiopian move out of his, I know that the editors at New Scientist have it all figured out, they are scientists, after all and we can trust them. I can see the property values in their London neighborhoods falling as they dash to sell their houses and move into that oh-so-wonderful life in a thatched-roofed hut, never knowing where your next meal is coming from. How idyllic,living a life without medicine, roads or air conditioning (not to mention no deodorant) and no dental care. Yes, just imagine kissing your spouse with 30 years of accumulated morning mouth. What joy.
The Press Association: Activists in power station protest
The activists plan to climb the flues at the very top of the chimney before abseiling into them. They say they are securing the route behind them so they cannot be reached by police or security guards.
Bernardi video: Rudd’s new tax on everything will hurt us all | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi levels with voters: the ETS is a fraud. Cutting our emissions will do nothing for the climate, but sure will kill jobs.

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