Friday, October 09, 2009

Kevin Libin: Copenhagen plan could wreck global economy - Full Comment
“Any elected leader who signed the climate treaty would be signing the death-warrant of his nation’s democracy,” says Lord Monckton.
Bangkok sees much ado about Protocol
But what happened here in Bangkok was that several major developed countries were "jumping ship from the Protocol into a new nationally binding model," he said.

"If they jump ship, then we will be left with an empty shell," Mr Khor said. "Then it will be replaced by something else as it will no longer be a binding commitment for the international community. We have an ironic situation, where we have seen the dismantling of an internationally binding model into something inferior."
Cold snap closes roads, downs trees in the North Island | New Zealand
A fresh blast of wintry weather has closed roads, toppled trees and downed power lines in the North Island but the South Island has escaped relatively unscathed.

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