Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Reference Frame: BBC: What happened to global warming?
The British government began its "Act on CO2" propagandistic campaign, in order to fight the growing skepticism among the citizens. After 10 years of intense brainwashing, most of them still think that global warming won't be a problem for them or their kids. The 2-star fairy-tale propagandistic video above is targeting 3-year-old girls as well as adults who are their intellectual equivalents.

For another result of the "Act on CO2" campaign, see this dramatic video. The narrator speaks like an excited general of an army who gives orders to the soldiers. The energy in the wires and CO2 emit strong light in the movie. Eventually, they melt the Earth. ;-)

Philip Stott compares the campaign to 1984, the book. Of course, unlike Orwell's world, our world often allows the people to find the right answers to the question, not just the government-paid untrue propaganda. So the U.K. government's investment is bound to be just a waste of money. They would have to execute millions of people, including Paul Hudson of BBC, to make a real difference.

Why? It's because one simple article by Paul Hudson compensates the lies in TV commercials that cost millions of pounds.
Local weather report: It snowed overnight here in Minnesota, and with a current temperature of 27 degrees, it's sticking.  With the globe allegedly overheating, the first snow only arrived about 5 1/2 weeks early this year.

[Skeptical Minnesotans wonder: Why so cold recently, and why so warm long ago?]
From 1899 to 2007 there have been 31 years with either a "zero" or a "trace." The last time the Twin Cities has seen a brown Christmas was 2006. The deepest snow cover on December 25th was in 1983 with a hefty 20 inches. It was also a very cold Christmas that year, with the high temperature of 1 measly degree F. It was not the coldest Christmas Day in the Twin Cities. That dubious award goes to 1996 with a "high" temperature of 9 below zero F. The warmest Christmas Day in the Twin Cities was 51 degrees in 1922. There was not a white Christmas that year. In fact, the Minneapolis Weather Bureau log book for that day states that the day felt "spring like."

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