Saturday, October 31, 2009

Shock: Alarmist Jonathon Porritt openly wishes for natural disasters killing large numbers of people

Leaders will be shocked into climate action - Jonathon Porritt
Even today’s climate optimists acknowledge that there are going to have to be some traumatic ‘shocks to the system’, induced by accelerated climate change, to jolt politicians the world over to move up a gear (well, several gears).

These shocks will come, and from the perspective of our long-term prospects, they need to come as rapidly as possible. And to be as traumatic as possible – otherwise, politicians and their electorates will rapidly revert to the current mix of non-specific anxiety and inertia.

Post-Katrina, for instance, public opinion in the US provided the best example of this phenomenon. It took just two years for Fox News and other right-wing shock-jocks to straighten out deviant US citizens who’d started to think that it really might be time for the US to get stuck in on climate change.
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Porritt acts as advisor to many bodies on environmental matters, as well as to individuals including Prince Charles and Stuart Rose, the chief executive of Marks & Spencer, advising on that company's forward strategy.


goodspkr said...

Perhaps it took two years with very mild hurricane seasons to dispell the myth that climate change would make storms worse. That and a lot of scientific studies that said there was no relationship.

Anonymous said...

Jonathon Porritt also stated on the BBC about12 years ago that the Thames Flood Barrier was useless and due to Climate Change and sea levels rising, London would be under 6ft of water.
So I guess he must be right.

John Marshall said...

Porritt is another self proclaimed 'scientist' with no scientific education, just like Gore. Like Gore he has made money out of crying 'wolf' but as the story goes you can do this too many times.