Friday, October 09, 2009

UN talks to end without deal on [climate hoax]
Rather than addressing the tough issues, U.N. climate chief Yvo de Boer said late Thursday that the failure by rich countries to agree on ambitious emission cuts and billions of dollars in financing to help poor countries adapt to climate change has increased the distrust between the two sides.
Friday funny: Captain Planet
In case you missed last night's episode of the ABC's Q&A, here's the animation they ended the program with...
Horsepower Sure Beats Horses! (Part II: transportation gains from the ‘master resource’)
Today’s post provides quotations form different scholars that describe the great advances provided by carbon-based energy transportation.
Detroit Goes Green . . . As Michigan Crops Freeze - Henry Payne - Planet Gore on National Review Online
Perhaps Mr. Whittaker can mitigate his financial losses by turning his warmth-starved fields over to state-subsidized, global-warming-fighting windmills.
UK: Global warming is down to you says £6m Government ad campaign
Given global warming is not accepted as scientific fact by a large and usually silent part of the scientific community fearful of a backlash, the campaign could provoke anger that the government is broadcasting political messages with taxpayer's money.
A spokeswoman for the Advertising Standards Authority also backed the campaign. She said: "It's not considered political if the majority of scientists who have studied climate change believe global warming is true."
It is designed to make adults feel guilty about the legacy they will leave their children and features a father telling his daughter a bedtime story of "a very very strange" world with "horrible consequences" for today's children.

The ad then shows a British town deep under water, with people and animals drowning. Carbon dioxide is shown rising from cars, homes and everyday appliances in clouds of black soot, which then form a jagged-toothed monster.

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