Friday, November 20, 2009

Canadians find shame in status as climate change dawdlers - The Globe and Mail
But Hoggan also did a second survey of a group of about 1,000 people it termed “thought leaders,” or top members of business, universities, government and the media, and found that for these people, the environment was the most important issue, followed by the economy. The tracking of elite opinion was done because it often foreshadows views that eventually spread to the general public.
Lawrence Solomon spars with Anna Maria Tremonti - FP Comment
Lawrence Solomon, National Post columnist and author of The Deniers, appeared on CBC's The Current on Thursday morning, to comment on a book by James Hoggan, a public relations executive, that claims corporations are running a "denial machine" on global warming. Solomon argues that Hoggan has it backwards: The big money to be made lies in gaming the system, leading corporations to lobby for global warming legislation. Hear Anna Maria Tremonti's interview of Solomon here.
Skeptics claim global warming is fake after top scientists’ emails hacked at CRU | Grist
# Climate change skeptics have always been looking for an excuse to declare peer-review scientific data a “fraud.”
# How ironic—and convenient—that this should occur in the weeks leading up to the biggest international climate talks to date.
Sceptics publish climate e-mails 'stolen from East Anglia University' - Times Online
E-mails allegedly written by some of the world’s leading climate scientists have been stolen by hackers and published on websites run by climate change sceptics.
How to search inside the warmist conspiracy | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Feel free to post results to me right here. Tens of thousands of readers around the world would like to share what you find.
BBC News - Harrabin's Notes: E-mail arguments
The scientific establishment is likely to support the CRU. Despite continuing uncertainties in some areas of climate science, they say officially that their overall confidence that humans are warming the climate is now more than 90%.

One leading figure told me unofficially that confidence was now at 99%.
Moonbat media plays down Hadley leak | Australian Climate Madness
Of course we could rely on the lefty media, in thrall to the global warming bandwagon, to trivialise the significance of the leaked emails and documents.

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