Friday, November 13, 2009

Global warming's grand bargain - CNNMoney - Nov. 13, 2009
A deal to trade more nuclear power and offshore oil drilling for a cap on greenhouse gases may go nowhere, but don't rule out even bigger schemes as Senate debate heats up.
Maldives: President Nasheed's [Climate Swindle] Speech
The sums of money on offer are so low, it is like arriving at a earthquake zone with a dustpan and brush.

We don’t want to appear ungrateful but the sums hardly address the scale of the challenge.
Plan B Updates - 84: The Copenhagen Conference on Food Security | EPI
Can we close coal-fired power plants fast enough to save at least the larger glaciers in the Himalayas and on the Tibetan plateau? Can we head off crop-withering heat waves of ever greater intensity? These are food security issues. This is what Copenhagen is about.
Montana: Sugar producers worry about weather, profits
Speaking with Gov. Brian Schweitzer on Wednesday, members of the Western Sugar Cooperative said they’re racing to process at least 80 percent of their sugar beet crop, though time is wearing on beets clobbered by an early freeze six weeks ago.

Ten counties, including four where sugar beets are grown, have asked the governor to seek federal disaster relief for the four-day statewide freeze in early October. That number could rise to 16 as weather and spoilage force unharvested crops to be written off. The counties that were earliest to seek disaster relief have reported high losses. Rosebud County officials estimated sugar beet losses as high as 50 percent.

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