Saturday, November 21, 2009

No global warming at Norfolk showground for livestock farmers
Although a big space heater was at work, almost deafening the speaker at times, it managed to lift the temperature to just above 10C. Then, as the temperature fell through the 40-minute presentation, the heater automatically came back on - several times. And the topic under discussion - climate change and global warming!
Major climate change conference in Winchester (From Hampshire Chronicle)
Today Peter Harper, of the Centre for Alternative Technology, said very few people were fully aware of the problem while most others don't yet care.

"There are still lots of sceptics, most people are sceptical to the point of being ostriches. They don't want to know."

He said most were wedded to the pillars of bourgeois life: homes heated to 20 degrees; a car; eating meat and dairy products and a foreign holiday every year.
NYT Environmental Writer Confirms Probable Authenticity of Hacked Climate Change Messages |
Baby steps, Andrew. Correct me if I'm wrong but it sure sounds like Revkin is more shaken by this scandal than he is letting on. Perhaps he is not yet ready to give up the global warming ghost but the newly released hacked information seems to be loosening his moorings to a widely accepted liberal belief.
[Damn the kidney stones, full speed ahead: Minnesotans jet towards warmth on fossil-fueled planes] |
As winter approaches, the Minnesota travel agency is seeing a rise in bookings and hiring back workers.

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