Saturday, November 21, 2009

Scholars and Rogues » Climategate? Not likely.
Second, it might be unpolitical to say that you’ll be happy when someone died, or that Steve McIntyre and Anthony Watts are pricks and assholes, but that doesn’t make the statements a scandal. I personally was happy when former Senator Jesse Helms died, and I will probably enjoy a drink of expensive scotch when Marc Morano, James Inhofe, and Steve Milloy kick the bucket. And I’ve got no problem calling someone like Joe D’Aleo a liar or Steve Milloy an oxygen thief. If that makes me a bad person, well, I’m OK with that. I expect that most people hold enough contempt for some of their enemies to relish it when they die.


MrPete said...

Sure, might be unpolitical to say those things.


Might be illegal to delete emails that are subject to FOI.

Might be disingenuous to assert that workplace emails are private.

Might be highly unethical and unscientific to purposely adjust the analysis and graphics to hide reality and bias presentation toward your favored result.

Might be a group of scientists and their favored journalists circling the wagons to try to stave off the light of day.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Nelson, are you concerned that these hacked emails from the Univ. of East Anglia prove Mr. Inhofe and Mr. Morano right? That the politics is driving the science? That in fact to show AGW the data needs to be artificially manipulated? Is that "science"?

Anonymous said...

dont you realise that is exactly the attitude which has brought you to where you and your friends are today? maybe it is time for a bit of soul searching, since your career is finished, you will have the necessary time to devote to such worthy endeavor--

Colonel Robert Neville said...

I do beleive I have the perfectly original catch name for this uber scandal. No really.


Colonel Robert Neville blogspot com

papertiger said...

the anonymii are piling up.

One could say Tom has a plethora of anonymice.

Anonymous said...

Soul searching is good for everyone. However you have to be in real bad shape when soul searching is not examining your soul, but instead trying to find it.