Monday, December 14, 2009

Britain’s Climate Chief on the Climate Talks - Dot Earth Blog -
[Alarmist Ed Miliband] The environmental movement and the politicians do have a duty to talk more about the [alleged] positives and less about the [alleged] nightmare. The [alleged] economic gains, the [alleged] energy security gains, the [alleged] gains in quality of life all of those things are things we [allegedly] don’t talk about enough.
12/14/09: Climate fraud promotion on Google home page
New! Explore impact of climate change on Google Earth
Explore climate change in Google Earth
[Features climate fraud promoters Al Gore, Steve Schneider, and Arnold Schwarzenegger!]
Works and Days » Is America a Deer in the Headlights?
What a strange time when we harangue CEO grandees for flying on private jets, while Nancy Pelosi flies to and from San Francisco on a monstrosity.
Can Electric Car Sales Possibly Meet Expectations? - The Atlantic Business Channel
The only way electric cars could really create an insane amount of consumer demand over the next 10 years is if oil prices go completely crazy. But as DeBord implies, that isn't like to happen. That could happen by 2050, but oil supplies shouldn't be too strained by just 2020. Instead, over the short-term I would envision hybrids gaining more momentum and electric cars earning market share much more slowly than these wild expectations call for.
BBC News - Copenhagen climate summit negotiations 'suspended'
Negotiations at the UN climate summit have been suspended after developing countries withdrew their co-operation.
George Monbiot [claims that American cars belong in the 1950s] | Environment |
How come, when the rest of the developed world has moved on, it suddenly looks like a relic of the Soviet Union, with filthy, inefficient industries, vast opencast coal mines and cars and appliances which belong in the 1950s?
Climategate: who bodysnatched Boris? – Telegraph Blogs
Here, though, by speaking out in favour of AGW theory and dismissing Climategate as “a few stray emails from the University of East Anglia which seem – wrongly – to undermine the scientific case”, he is showing all the courage of an ambitious Soviet apparatchik denouncing the bourgeois science of Comrade Vavilov and singing the praises of the great Comrade Lysenko.

What do we reckon: poor advice or cynical political manoeuvring to win favour with all the City boys who stand to make a mint from the great carbon trading con?
Do The CRU E-Mails Provide Further Documentation Of A Conflict Of Interest In The Preparation Of A CCSP Climate Assessment Report? « Climate Science: Roger Pielke Sr.
It seems that the only answer to the question “Do the CRU e-mails provide further documentation of a conflict of interest in the preparation of a CCSP climate assessment report?” is YES.

It appears Tom Wigley was seeking to prejudice Phil Jones before he actually even reviewed the draft report. This likely would not have changed his views (based on the other leaked e-mails) but it provides a clear documentation of what seems to be an inappropriate interaction with respect to a review of an assessment report that is likely widespread among the leadership of the climate assessment community.

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Google's losing customers by the second. Get that google earth climate change stupidity off. It's done. It's over. It's always been a farce if you ever really looked into it and not relied on what a new person said.