Thursday, December 03, 2009

Climate change 'gigantic market failure' | The Socialist 2 December 2009
These measures are all urgently necessary but cannot be done under capitalism. Climate change is yet another example of this system's failings; a socialist alternative must be built.
The Legacy of FRAUD
Now, the International tower of lies and deceit is falling into the very cool sea. Even Inhofe has asked Senator Boxer to probe the potential of a scientific conspiracy. In the news this week was the shocking announcement that all the original data from the global warming scientist geniuses was destroyed or lost. All they had were summaries. Of course that is all our country needs is a ‘summary’ to be taxed to the point of total ruin. Why confuse everyone with something like the facts and truth?
Do Smoking Guns Cause Global Warming, Too? - Ann Coulter - HUMAN EVENTS
Even if the Earth were warming -- which apparently it is not -- the idea that humans using energy-efficient lightbulbs would alter the temperature of the globe is approximately as plausible as the Aztecs' belief that they were required to wrench the beating heart out of living, breathing humans in order to keep the sun on its path.

Sadly, the "human sacrifice deniers" lost the argument to Aztec CRU scientists, who explained that there was a "scientific consensus" on the benefits of ritual murder.

But at least the Aztecs only slaughtered tens of thousands of humans in the name of "climate change." The global warming cultists want us all dead.
Air board vote on global warming emissions limits tabled until January - Inside Bay Area
Thirty six people signed up to speak for or against the plan Wednesday, but some left before their chance to speak came up during the long hearing.
Global Warming Hoax And Stupidity…
The fact that Billions of dollars has been spent on a hoax and not spent on saving millions of lives with vaccines or just put back in your pocket is what bothers me most about this. This is money that you and your family need. That and the fact that most politicians have known this for years. OK, maybe not, most of them are pretty stupid.

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