Friday, December 11, 2009

Climategate: Anatomy of a Public Relations Disaster by Fred Pearce: Yale Environment 360
I have been speaking to a PR operator for one of the world’s leading environmental organizations. Most unusually, he didn’t want to be quoted. But his message is clear. The facts of the e-mails barely matter any more. It has always been hard to persuade the public that invisible gases could somehow warm the planet, and that they had to make sacrifices to prevent that from happening. It seemed, on the verge of Copenhagen, as if that might be about to be achieved.

But he says all that ended on Nov. 20. “The e-mails represented a seminal moment in the climate debate of the last five years, and it was a moment that broke decisively against us. I think the CRU leak is nothing less than catastrophic.”
China says U.S. envoy "irresponsible" on climate aid
COPENHAGEN, Dec 11 (Reuters) - China on Friday attacked a top U.S. envoy as either "extremely irresponsible" or lacking in common sense, for saying at a global summit to tackle warming that no U.S. climate aid would go to China.
United States public debt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In May 2009, the US owed China $772 billion.
From the comment section
[Norpag] USA and Canada are a net carbon sinks. EU China and third world should be forced to buy carbon credits from U.S. and Canada.
A paper published in Science by Fan et al in 1998 shows that on a net basis - which is the measure that should be used North America absorbs more CO2 than it puts out and should be allowed to sell Carbon credits to the rest of the world if justice were done.
Organized Crime in Charge of EU Carbon Trade, Police Say | CLIMATEGATE
A new company is set up, using other front men, to repeat the carroussel. Crime rings that run such schemes can have several dozen or hundreds of companies whose real owners are difficult to trace.

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