Sunday, December 13, 2009

Japan Betting On Climate Change Profits : NPR - StumbleUpon
There are many players involved in climate talks at Copenhagen, but one country has a vested economic interest in the outcome. For the last three decades, much of Japan's economy has been geared toward inventing energy-saving appliances and machinery — technology that Japan is hoping the rest of the world will want to buy if a deal is reached in Copenhagen.
Al Gore shows us the way to make green from being green - Telegraph
What you can be sure of is that the move toward a more environmentally sustainable future is an unstoppable trend – and Mr Gore is unlikely to be the first to get very rich from environmental policy.
Centre of the storm - Canada -
The private emails and logs leaked last month from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia can’t tell us whether industrial activity is really heating the earth’s atmosphere and endangering civilization. But they have settled the identity of the Great Satan of climate science. Torontonian Stephen McIntyre, a gentle, persistent amateur who had no credentials in applied science before stepping into the global warming debate in 2003, is mentioned more than 100 times.
Tide is turning on climate change - World News, Frontpage -
It's surely no coincidence that environmentalism as a political movement only really hit its stride just as communism was collapsing under the weight of its own contradictions. The workers couldn't bring down capitalism, the thinking seemed to be, but maybe the whales and polar bears could.

In fact, listening to climate-change campaigners rant about the evils of industrial development, you can't help suspecting that, even if technological solutions were to be found which allowed consumerism and production to continue at the same rate with no adverse effect on the climate, the global warmers would be disappointed rather than relieved, because the real enemy is not CO2 emissions, but capitalism itself. The agenda is one of moralistic reform of imperfect human nature rather than a disinterested concern for the ecosystem of the planet.
Ruth Dudley Edwards: Cool heads better than hot air in Copenhagen - Ruth Dudley Edwards, Columnists -
To those of you howling 'denier', may I point out that what I am is a sceptic. As I was a sceptic about papal infallibility, imminent epidemics of mad cow or flesh-eating diseases, avian flu and the millennium bug. Or boom and bust being a passe concept.

There are many like me. To the horror of most scientists, politicians, the educational establishment, the media, the liberal elite, green zealots and brainwashed children, a substantial chunk of the population of Ireland, the UK and the US have so far resisted being bullied into becoming blind adherents of this new religion.
I wonder if secretly many of them only pretend to be 100 per cent believers. Why else would they procrastinate when it comes to the crunch of binding legislation and divvying up the money for developing countries? [Via Climate Realists]

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