Sunday, December 13, 2009

PJTV - VodkaPundit - Week in Blogs: Waiting to Exhale: The EPA Cracks Down on Carbon

John Aravosis : I've been doing a bit of research on climate change for my CNN appearance tomorrow...
I did a bit of research on something in particular - the claim by climate change denialists that some stolen emails from climate change scientists in Britain "prove" that climate change is a hoax. Well guess what - it doesn't prove that it's a hoax, and in fact both AP and agree on this one. Climate change is real, and the emails do nothing to change that fact.
A bit too much of everything in Global Warming
Like Noah, whose name comes up regularly, we have to take facts on faith as well as on Google. If global warming is our "defining issue, what's remarkable is our reluctance to get with the ark building.
US Creationists back Climategate scientists – Telegraph Blogs
The professor was quick to dismiss claims that the institute’s publications were not peer-reviewed. “Why, that’s plain nonsense,” he said. “Hiram peer-reviews my papers, and I peer-review his. You journalists just don’t understand academia, do you?”
Congressman Markey dismisses the climategate facts with a joke – Siberian tree ring cirus | Liberal Whoppers
If the Democrats in Congress are really interested in the truth, rather than just furthering their political positions, they should be leading the cries for an independent review of the data that Congress, the IPCC and EPA have relied on. If the data is innacurate due to intentional manipulation, or incomplete due to supressing opposing views, then how can Congressmen like Markay KNOW that their conclusions and subsequant legislation are in the best interest of the citizens of this country.

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