Friday, December 04, 2009

Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog: Your Politics Are Showing
I think we can get past the lie -- and it was a lie -- that these activist scientists, in the words of Gavin Schmidt, "are not taking a political stand." They are indeed taking a political stand and they are doing so in stealth fashion using the authority and institutions of science as cover to do so. As the leaked CRU emails show, this group of activist scientists are firmly entrenched in the major institutions of climate science, such as the IPCC.

The upshot of this stealth issue advocacy is to rot these institutions of science from the inside. Consider that in a Rassmussen poll released yesterday, 59% of respondents thought it somewhat or very likely that scientists have falsified their research data in support of their views on global warming. This is a very strong sign that the climate science community has lost a lot of credibility. Today's press conference will only reinforce the perception that these scientists are using science as cover for their political views. The American public may not understand the details of climate science, but they know politics when they see it.
The Coming Kyopenhagen COP-Out - Edward John Craig - Planet Gore on National Review Online
You'll want to read Jonah Goldberg's piece today, which argues that Climategate ("aka Warmerquiddick, aka the CRUtape letters, aka the Mother of All Publicity Disasters" ) is hardly the only reason that Kyopenhagen should — and most certainly will — fail. Read it for the Peter Huber quote alone.

Also, be sure to catch Bob Costa's interview with Sen. James Inhofe — who may be headed to Denmark to deliver a few inconvenient truths of his own.
Jonah Goldberg: Assessing Pre-Blame for Climate-Change Summit
It’s time to start over, beginning with the science.
“Ten countries ruled by nasty people control 80 percent of the planet’s oil reserves — about 1 trillion barrels, currently worth about $40 trillion,” writes energy expert Peter Huber in City Journal. “If $40 trillion worth of gold were located where most of the oil is, one could only scoff at any suggestion that we might somehow persuade the nasty people to leave the wealth buried. They can lift most of their oil at a cost well under $10 a barrel. They will drill. They will pump. And they will find buyers. Oil is all they’ve got.”
ClimateGate Needs An Independent Investigator
So a group whose funding and status in the world bureaucracy comes from the fact that global warming is touted as a world-ending threat is going to give a fair hearing to whether or not the leaked emails mean the hype might be overblown?

Sounds like time for an independent investigator.
Barbara Hollingsworth: Who's who on climate fraud | Washington Examiner
In 1912, a respected paleontologist at the British Museum confirmed that bones found in a Piltdown quarry came from the “missing link” between apes and humans. Forty years later, the so-called Piltdown Man was proved to be a hoax. Thanks to purloined e-mails from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (CRU), global warming is turning out to be the 21st-century equivalent of Piltdown Man.
These five, though far from being the only ones, are among the top perpetrators of the Great Global Warming Hoax. They should never be taken seriously again.

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Anonymous said...

"The dog ate our homework" Its only a matter of time before one of them uses that excuse.

I have been a strong skeptic for almost a decade. Whenever, I look at or analyze actual data, I fail to see looming catastrophe. The data and work of Mann and whole CRU crowd never seemed to match up.

But, maybe I'm wrong. All I want to see is an honest and independent review and replication of the work. If that tells me I have to change my mind, I will.

Science is supposed to be honest, open, and replicated. Good science is the opposite of politics and propaganda.

I am waiting to see if we finally get good science...or more of the opposite.