Thursday, January 28, 2010

BBC - Open Secrets: Climate data: Why ministers refused to change the law
These latest events will strengthen the views of those who think the key problem with FOI is the difficulty faced by the information commissioner in enforcing the law on reluctant public authorities.
[We were alarmists once--and wrong]
And so it came to pass , the great exodus had begun, and all manner of scoundrel hid among the crowd hoping to go unnoticed, hoping to change their colours over time so as to escape recognition when the judgment came upon them.
Research is robust but communication is weak - Times Online
It all makes a profound contrast to the situation up until last November when the global consensus on climate change science seemed stronger than ever. For scientists, climate research was based on powerful computer models backed by a wealth of real-world evidence [like what, specifically?]. Nothing was certain — in science it seldom is. But we could say with a high degree of certainty — and people believed us when we said it — that the world was warming and the consequences were likely to be serious.
Paper Which Documents The Importance Of Spatially Heteorogenous Human Climate Forcing – Shindell and Faluvegi 2009 « Climate Science: Roger Pielke Sr.
In light of the recent cold and snow across large areas of North America, it is worth reemphasizing the dominant role of regional atmospheric and ocean circulation patterns (due to natural climate variations and change, as modulated by human climate forcings) on the weather that results.
Die Klimazwiebel: Guest post: How could the IPCC foster social learning?
[by Falk Schützenmeister] The fact that relative small scientific mistakes, public misperceptions of the scientific method, and maybe the misconduct of a few can shake up a major field of international policy indicates that the institutional coupling between science and policy is too tight. The reputation of Harvard would never be at stake only because a few alumni became felons. In climate research, the outcome of international negotiations depends on a level of moral integrity among IPCC scientists that is unlikely to be found in priesthood.

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