Friday, January 22, 2010

Climate has Rudd tongue-tied | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
the climate sure has changed since Climategate and the farcical failure in Copenhagen. This year global warming is the scam that Rudd barely dares to mention
Remember how Malcolm Turnbull last year warned his Liberal Party to pass Rudd’s emissions trading scheme or face a double dissolution election on the issue that would wipe them out? Just months later, climate change is in fact so smelly that Rudd would like it to disappear as an election issue completely. So fast has this faith imploded.
YouTube - barrassowyo's Channel
Chu Defends U.N. Climate Science to Sen. Barrasso
Senator Lieberman: You aren’t listening. Haven’t you heard of Climategate?
So what else does our Senator have to say?
This could be a watershed moment. We have near scientific unanimity that humans are causing climate change,
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ODI ( aims to inspire and inform policy and practice to reduce poverty by locking together high-quality applied research and practical policy advice.

Our Climate Change, Environment and Forests Programme (CCEF) has a track record of cutting-edge analysis and policy work around climate change. Its goal is to ensure that the world’s poorest people benefit from policy responses to climate change, and are not further marginalised by its impact.
Sundance film puts human face on climate change [scam]
The film also studies the fate of 300,000 climate refugees closer to the United States, those left destitute following 2005's Hurricane Katrina.

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