Sunday, January 10, 2010

[Climate realist] Rex Murphy pushed to the Post | MediaStyle
So, “climate change denial” is widely rumored to have been the last straw. Perhaps sensing the loquacious Newfoundlander would prompt unneeded bad PR if sacked; I’m told Stackhouse offered to move him to Mondays. As evidenced by the quick decampment to the National Post, it seems that went over like a tonne of bricks with Murphy.
HotAirPundit: Robert Gibbs: Worldwide Record Cold Is The Result of "Climate Change"
**Update** The person who asked the question is Lester Kinsolving, the White House reporter for

Gibbs: "I think that one only has to step outside here or visit where I used to work in Chicago to understand that climate change, and the record temperature that climate change is likely causing, is with us....I would say that eve in places that are used to getting very cold weather, record cold...our weather patterns have been affected by change in our climate"
Record low temperatures recorded in several locations in Cuba
Starting this Saturday, the winter conditions should be intensified in much of the country due to the influence of a new very cold air mass of continental origin, said the meteorologist.
American Thinker: Lessons to Be Learned in the Climate Alarm Zone
When the SyFy channel unlocked the door to this year’s annual New Year’s Day marathon with the key to imagination, my two teenage sons finally accepted the invitation to accompany me inside. So you can imagine how the World Wildlife Fund’s green decision to spin their sci-fi/fantasy/horror global warming yarns during commercial breaks of my favorite sci-fi/fantasy/horror yarns made me see red...until, that is, I recognized the teaching moment presented by crossing over from the Twilight Zone’s land of both shadow and substance to the equally fantastic Climate Alarm Zone.

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