Friday, January 29, 2010

Copenhagen: what next? | Environment |
Rahmstorf reckons that climate scientists have communicated their work quite well, particularly through the IPCC. While 2010 is the UN year of biodiversity, the biodiversity community has "not yet managed to get as much high-level attention to the biodiversity crisis; it is only now calling to set up something like the IPCC for biodiversity". On the other hand, "climate science could still do a lot better if more climate scientists get involved, take an interest in public understanding of science and educate themselves more about how to effectively work with the media". Rahmstorf reckons that "too many scientists are still stuck in the ivory tower and – for example – shrug off and ignore wrong media reports about climate science, rather than recognizing that public perception matters and that they should not leave the public debate to people with a political agenda".

The last word goes to de Boer: while the Copenhagen negotiations "didn't produce the final cake", they did leave countries "with all the key ingredients to bake a new one". Although the proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating.
Water vapour caused one-third of global warming in 1990s, study reveals | Environment | The Guardian
Experts say their research does not undermine the scientific consensus on man-made climate change, but call for 'closer examination' of the way computer models consider water vapour
Obama sees the positives as US gives formal notice on greenhouse gases | Environment |
[Stern] said America was acting on the assumption that other countries which signed the accord would take similar action.
Davos: Funding switch threatens aid to developing world, campaigner warns | Business |
Rich countries are raiding their aid budgets to bankroll a new global fund to help poor countries adapt to climate change, one of the world's leading development campaign groups warned today.

Jamie Drummond, executive director of the One group co-founded by the rock stars Bono and Bob Geldof, said the west was being "dishonest" about the $30bn (£18bn) of fast-track finance proposed in Copenhagen last month to persuade developing countries to agree a deal on cutting greenhouse gas emissions.
Greenpeace plans to build fortress on Heathrow runway site | Environment |
Environmental group says the plan will create a legal headache for any government pushing ahead with airport's expansion

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Here's a great idea! Every single time a statement goes out over the news wires or is printed in the media with anything that even remotely refers to the United Nations, IGNORE IT! Simply dismiss it as propaganda, useless rhetoric, whatever name you can attach to it. Ignore the message, remove it from any further thoughts or conversations and it will die the certain death it should. A useless bunch of babbling fat greedy people trying in earnest to take over the world without one single empathetic thought for fellow humankind!