Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Don't the people at Ipsos read their own polls?!

Two stories today:  One paints heartland Americans as bible-banging idiots for not believing in the global warming hoax, while Europeans allegedly believe; the other says that only one in five Brits still believes in the global warming hoax.

United States the heartland of climate-change skepticism
Such views, widespread in the U.S. heartland, drive conservative opposition to President Barack Obama's bid to get a bill through Congress that would cap U.S. emissions of the greenhouse gases believed by many to be linked to climate change.

"It's a very different debate in Europe, where there is no discussion about whether climate change is occurring. But in the United States it is about whether it exists," said John Wright of pollster Ipsos.

It is a skepticism that stands in contrast with prevailing views in Europe and has been linked to the influence of U.S. talk radio, the "oil lobby", an enduring love affair with cars, and a history founded on limiting the role of government.

Science can be controversial in a country where evangelical Christians make up a quarter of the adult population. Many, for example, doubt the theory of evolution because they believe it contradicts the Bible.

"In other countries academics hold a more revered position ... And so some of these Europeans look at America and say there is all this evidence, why don't you believe? And many of these American evangelicals say look ‘who's producing the evidence,"' said Michael Lindsay, a political sociologist at Rice University in Houston.
2/23/10: Sharp decline in public's belief in climate threat, British poll reveals | Environment | guardian.co.uk
Over 1,000 people in Great Britain were questioned on their views on climate change as part of the Ipsos Mori poll.
Another finding by the poll that hints at a growing lack of public confidence is a significant drop in those who said climate change was caused by human activities. One year ago this number was one in three, but this year just one in five people believes global warming to be man-made, according to Edward Langley, Ipsos Mori's head of environment research.

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