Wednesday, February 24, 2010

RealClimate: Close Encounters of the Absurd Kind
[Fraudster Benjamin D. Santer] My research is subject to rigorous scrutiny. Mr. McIntyre’s blogging is not. He can issue FOIA requests at will. He is the master of his domain – the supreme, unchallenged ruler of the “ClimateAudit” universe. He is not a climate scientist, but he has the power to single-handedly destroy the reputations of exceptional men and women who have devoted their entire careers to the pursuit of climate science. Mr. McIntyre’s unchecked, extraordinary power is the real story of “Climategate”. I hope that someone has the courage to tell this story.
Stealing Steel jobs | CLIMATEGATE
A UK steel plant closes and the workers lose their jobs. The company receives a billion pounds and the same factory is built in India producing the same CO2.

Whoever worked that out is insane.
EU Referendum: "We're winning and they're losing"
We are getting to the stage, though, where the whole climate charade is unravelling before our very eyes at a speed almost too fast to follow, leaving Real Climate railing against the "collapse" of journalistic standards.

That, in itself is highly indicative.
The climate faith crumbles | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
When doubts are allowed again, faith vanishes and evidence once more becomes king. That is what makes this change so profound.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I dropped a comment at realclimate, not that it will see the light of day.

Asked Ben if had thought of "beating the crap" out of them, or if he reserved that type of rhetoric for private communications that should never see the light of day.


Anonymous said...

Last I saw, McIntyre makes all of his analyses available publicly. If Santer either can't read or is afraid to ask, that's his problem.

True, Ben, Steve is not a climatologist. And Mann is not a mathematician. Where Mann screwed up was with the math. Get that, Ben?! If you had worked with Steve instead of trying to crucify him, we would all be light years ahead in our knowledge of climate science.