Wednesday, March 10, 2010

GOP, Dems could come to global warming agreement, Ohio senator says
WASHINGTON – Emerging from a White House meeting with President Barack Obama, Sen. Sherrod Brown on Tuesday, March 9, said there was "a chance" that Senate Republicans and Democrats could agree on a sweeping bill that would curb global warming through the development of cleaner energy.

The 90-minute [wow, 90 entire minutes?] session, which included seven Senate Democrats, six Senate Republicans and one independent, represents a major effort by Obama and his senior advisers to forge a bipartisan agreement on how to combat climate change.

Brown, D-Ohio, said a consensus emerged among the 14 senators that "we want to find a way to do this, a consensus that we need to deal with our dependence on foreign oil, and a consensus that this needs to be a jobs bill."  [Where's the part about saving our grandchildren from Co2-induced hellfire?]
Ohio: Global warming: Speakers, Worthington school board bandy divisive issue
The global warming debate has arrived in the Worthington City School District.

A number of residents shared their concerns about how the district's science classes should teach global warming at the Monday, March 8, meeting of the Worthington school board.

Columbus resident Robert Wagner offered to debate educators and scientists on climate change, telling board members, "I cover the skeptical side of global warming.
Katona and Wagner were outnumbered in their opinions by the scientists and Worthington residents who spoke during the meeting.

Those speakers included Lonnie Thompson, a glaciologist and Ohio State University professor in earth sciences; Ellen Mosley Thompson, director of the Byrd Polar Research Center; and Brenda and Manfred Winnewisser, scientists and adjunct professors at Ohio State.  [If these four speakers are truly independent of each other, why is each last name either "Thompson" or "Minnewisser"?]

Lonnie Thompson said he would debate "anything with anyone who has published something in a peer-reviewed publication.
Brenda Winnewisser said there is solid science behind global warming and Manfred Winnewisser added, "You have to look at areas where the ice is melting. The ice is melting and when we run out of water, what will we do?"
China, India give nod to Copenhagen climate change accord -
Now, their avoidance of the word "associated" is being seen as deliberate and possibly a step to distance themselves from full endorsement.
China tells US to do more on climate change
"So we hope the United States will do more ... we hope the United States will not shift the responsibility for taking more active action to other countries," Xie told a news conference on the sidelines of China's annual legislative session.
We don't think Karl Lagerfeld understands the concept of global warming.
[With photos] The pièce de résistance of the entire show wasn't the fashion, but rather the background the designs walked in front of. Lagerfeld had a 265-ton 'berg imported from Sweden! Because really, what isn't a show without a giant iceberg!?

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